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Why is Dust Suppression Important?

Respiratory disease from exposure to dust and other particles in the air contribute to nearly 12000 deaths in the UK each year. This damning statistic means controlling and managing Dust particles in the workplace/construction sites is a must. There are legal levels to the amount of dust in the air at a given point, and Dust Suppression units can assist in keeping those levels low.

Illnesses due to dust exposure

As you may know, even the smallest amount of household dust can sometimes set off a person’s allergic reaction, often resulting in a cough, sneezing or even difficulty breathing. But if we now think about the amount of particles in the air at construction sites which can be full of silica, asbestos and general dust due to the cutting of concrete (list not exhaustive), illnesses can start to form.


This is a very common illness that can be brought on by exposure to dust particles. This condition reduces the airways in the body, meaning the person has difficulty breathing. Mucus and swelling is also present as a result of asthma attacks.


Silicosis is a long term lung disease that is caused by the person inhaling large amounts of silica. Silica particles are a common mineral found in rocks and soil. Persistent exposure to silica over a period of time starts to cause permanent lung damage.

Lung Cancer

An estimated 43% of annual deaths each year due to dust exposure are from lung cancer. This is why persistent exposure to dust in the workplace is very hazardous to health.

Keeping it safe

Keeping levels of dust low whilst working can help to reduce the risk of dust related illnesses and deaths. Dust suppression units are a great option to reach safer levels of particles in the air. By using water, the dust suppression units are able to weigh down the dust in the air. As they are heavier, dust particles will now be blown out of the cannon, and away from the work area.

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