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DustCube - All-In-one Units

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DustCube Typhoon
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Designed and built in the UK, the DustCube Typhoon is used in the management of Dust to suppress and control particulates, which is vital to protect human & animal health and well-being.


Applications for use include: demolition, ground remediation, bulk material handling, waste transfer and landfill, crushing and screening , bio-fuel processing, construction, Mining and quarrying, aggregates, manufacturing and many more applications.

Product Dimensions / Weight

This device has an overall length of 2.00 meters and an overall width of 1.45 meters. The height to the top of the cannon is measured at 1.93 meters and its weight is 800 kilograms. For ease of transportation, it is supplied with lifting eyes and fork pockets.

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Water Tank

This device has a capacity of 1000 liters on a Skid or Bowser and a capacity of 2000 liters on a Bowser. It also includes manual drain and pump protection features for added convenience. The device can be mounted on either a twin axel trailer or a certified road legal trailer, providing versatility and flexibility for different needs and applications.

Canon Performance

This device has a maximum water consumption rate of 15 litres per minute and can throw water up to 40 meters with a droplet size of 20 microns. In addition to these capabilities, the device is equipped with manual controls for the cannon rotation angle and tilting angle, allowing users to make precise adjustments to the water flow.

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Overall Length: 2.00 Metres

Overall Width: 1.45 Metres

Height to Top of Canon: 1.93 Metres

Weight: 800 KG (Tank Empty)

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