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DustCube - All In One Units

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DustCube Typhoon, Tempest & Tornado
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Designed and built in the UK, we have observed the increasing requirement to control dust and all types of micro particle pollutants emitted into our environment through mining, mineral and material production, demolition, waste handling, general building and construction. The control of these micro pollutants are important to all human and animal health and wellbeing.

We have listened to our customers, their needs and requirements in our approach to offer a solution which ticks as many boxes as possible.



A cost efficient price is usually close to the top of the customers requirement list, we realise this type of equipment is for health and safety and is non productive. This has been a driving factor in our design and specifications that have enabled us to offer cost efficient machines.


A large proportion of applications are on sites with no or limited available electrical and water supplies. This is where our all-in-one units come into their own with on board power and water supply, these units offer all the convenience and ease of operation.  another design consideration for our machines is to be compact with a small footprint to occupy the smallest of areas for sites with restricted space. Our machines are extremely portable either on a skid base with fork pockets and lifting points or can be mounted onto site trailers for ease of site transportation. 




The cost effective design of the DustCube doesn’t mean we have compromised on performance and efficiency - quite the opposite, we have embraced the latest technologies to achieve higher performance levels from smaller energy requirements. Our water atomiser which will never suffer from blocked nozzles and is capable of emitting ultra fine water mist down to 20 micron droplet size. This is important to prevent excess water saturation affecting an end product or increasing its weight with water content. Yet it is capable of achieving a maximum output of 25LPM.




We can offer the Typhoon as a standard unit with no power unit or with either diesel or petrol on board powered generators.


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