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Introducing the all new DustCube Storm!

Here at Marsh Machinery, we are continuously striving to create better and cost effective Dust Suppression units. This being said, we are very proud to introduce a brand new addition to the DustCube by Marsh Machinery family, the DustCube Storm!

There are plenty of instances where there is restricted space on jobs, or even limited access to get to these jobs. Sometimes it is not necessarily practical to have a large piece of machinery taking up room with an already limited footprint of work space. This is something we took into account when creating the DustCube Storm.

This compact piece of machinery is our smallest All-In-One Dust Suppression unit, which can also double as a pressure washer, making it a multi use piece of kit. The size of this equipment allows it to be very portable, meaning it is perfect for those smaller jobs or areas that have very limited access, .

As you can see, the compact design and trolley wheels mean it can be wheeled into the areas it is needed in, without the need for machinery to move it!

The DustCube Storm is now available to hire, so please contact us if you would like to know more at

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