Roller Striker



All you need from a Roller Striker – Perfect, Precise and Reliable concrete striking.

Adaptable Roller Striker components to fully utilise any existing Tubes or Drives. (Bunyan striker, Errut roller striker or Belle roller striker)

The Roller Striker Advantage:

  • The spinning tube pulls a surcharge of concrete forward, leaving behind a flat surface with a strong, even distribution of aggregate compared with traditional vibrating screeds.

  • Striking off with a Roller Striker can also be quicker especially with high slump concrete. Poker vibration should be used prior to striking.

Drives and Tubes to match your existing stock, square or round drive.

  • Hydraulic drive with interchangeable adaptors for
    Bunyan or Belle/Errut style tubes.

  • Proportional full speed control, Forward and Reverse

  • Wear resistant, precision striker tubes, square or round drive, all sizes.

  • Pull handles for both tube styles.

  • Complete roller strikers or components to suit your existing stock.

  • Choice of drive available to suit any standard 20 or 30 litre 100 bar hydraulic pack.

  • Low Hand Arm Vibrations.

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